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Viscount's MESH™ Access Control

MESH™ represents a new paradigm in Access Control systems. It is built from the ground up on Information Technology (IT) principles. It scales from a single small building to 100‘s of buildings and 1000’s of entry points. It's strong appeal is due to its attractive cost of ownership, reduced complexity (no card reader controllers), IP compatibility, WEB user interface, and because it is inherently future proof.

The MESH™ Security Operating Platform is the first Facility Protection System that embraces IT convergence and does away with proprietary control panel costs. By dramatically reducing system hardware and wiring requirements MESH™ is cost effective within small facilities and provides exponential savings in larger or multiple facility applications.

The MESH™ Security Operating Platform removes complexity and cost from facility protection systems by replacing masses of traditional card reader controller panels with standard IT servers and accessories.

MESH™ transforms the concept of physical card access into a platform that can manage an incredible array of card access, intercom, video and other devices through a common interface layer. This provides powerful features, such as:
1- New applications (or custom applications) can be created quickly and inexpensively
2- Human Resource, IT, and other database related functions are easily integrated with MESH
3- Technological advancements are easily implemented, providing “future proofing”
4- Multiple applications can operate on one platform, one server or computer
5- Users, readers and devices are globally managed as an IT application


 MESH Access Control System - 3.33 MB


Video Intercom/Entry Systems



   In today's security environment you have to be prepared. Aiphone is the industry recognized leader in Video Intercom Systems and it offers some of the most innovative door controls available for your home, small business or mid-sized facility. Aiphone Video Intercoms are well known for their excellent quality, and superb features. This is the highest quality available in the market today. Aiphone offers several different video/intercoms systems with door release options. We can find the right fit for you.  

Aiphone introduces the AX-8MV-W master station to their AX Series line. This new master station allows up to 8 video door stations/CCTV cameras and 8 audio/video master stations for internal communication. Now, identifying visitors at locked entrances is safe and secure. The system is wired on CAT-5e cable and includes door release.



         AX  series-Integrated Audio & Video Security - 1.93 MB                       KB Series-Up to 3 doors - 107 KB


IS Series

  • All-in-one communication system to control video entry, public address, access control, and scheduled bell systems 
  • Uses new or existing CAT-5e / 6 network infrastructure 
  • Program system functions via browser 
  • Basic conversation plus full range of exchange functions:
    Time based call forwarding, scan monitoring, emergency call, priority call, video audio recording, paging, and scheduled zone paging 
  • Transfer calls to outside phone lines 
  • Wide angle camera (170°) with PanTilt & Zoom function 
  • Composite video output from IS-MV / IS-IPMV / IS-CCU / IS-SCU 
  • IP addressable stations available for easy network communication 
  • PC master station records audio/video directly to PC or NVR 
  • Foward failed calls automatically to another master or group of masters or an outside phone number if the called master does not answer 
  • Transfer call-ins from a video door station to any standard or PC master station on the network for easy identification 
  • Schedule Bells & Announcements:
    Program daily announcements by day, week, month, or year.  Create different schedules for holdiay breaks, or after hours 
  • Pre-record or load up to 15 messages or sound tones 



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