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     Fire alarm systems are designed to protect people and the buildings they occupy. For this to happen, all component parts must work as they were designed. Electronics and other components can degrade over time and compromise system operation. A malfunctioning fire alarm system can result in the loss of life and property. For this reason the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) mandates that fire alarm systems in all protected premises be tested at least once a year. With proper testing, inspection, and maintenance your fire alarm system can be counted on for advanced warning and evacuation in the event of an actual fire. Alert Technologies provides this essential service to you.

     At Alert Technologies we perform inspection and testing services on virtually any fire alarm system. Our NICET certified technicians have the training and experience to ensure your system is tested properly. We will assess your system and make sure it meets all applicable NFPA requirements. We use the very latest tools, test procedures and software to provide you with some of the most comprehensive testing available today. 

All points check – We will verify all alarm initiation, occupant notification and control operations. We evaluate your fire alarm panel and all devices for proper installation and function. All required circuits are checked for alarm and trouble annunciation and wiring supervision. We test interface control equipment such as door holders, air handler shutdown, elevator recall, elevator shunt trip and alarm monitoring. Primary and secondary power tests check the battery charger operation, power transfer after loss of AC line voltage and the condition of back-up batteries. Alert Technologies even measures your battery’s internal conductivity for the best indication of its health and life expectancy.

Documentation -Our inspection will generate an NFPA compliant fire alarm system inspection report containing your system configuration and status. This report gives detailed results of the all points test and will alert you to any failures or problem areas that may require attention. We’ll also give you recommendations on how best to remedy any concerns and comply with the appropriate NFPA codes and standards.

Customer service - At Alert Technologies we care about our customers. You are not just another number in the queue. We consider you our partner and together we can fulfill the requirements related to maintaining your fire protection system.

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